Wife and office Staff-2


“Ah “was the first moan from Ritu. This made me come out of that Trans. It reminded me that the woman who was standing complete nude in front of those boys was none other than my own wife. But still I was not able stop them. I think I was waiting for some more to happen.Sanjay was behind Ritu caressing her buttocks. And Kiran, who was a office boy in our office, and who never ever dared to look in Ritu’s eyes was now touching her bare legs. I could not believe his daring. And while everybody was busy appreciating my wife’s beauty, she looked at my direction and gave me a seductive smile. She was trying to say, Look at your boys on whom you had so much trust. And at times I had left her alone with them whole day in office in my absence. Also, when I use to go out on business tour, Ritu use to manage my office alone. But we never had a slightest doubt on these boys. And to my utmost surprise, Kiran who use to come home, had so much of feeling for my wife.

Sanjay said, “Madam, You have the most beautiful body on earth.” Manoj was saying, “Mam, believe me, I have never seen such a sexy body in my entire life.”
Kiran was shy to say anything. He was just admiring her body with his eyes down. He was not able to stop his feelings but at the same time he was not able to take any more daring steps towards her. Ritu pulled him near to her and said, “ What happened Kiran, Don’t you like this body? Tell me truth. Didn’t you ever looked at me with naughty thoughts in your mind ?” Kiran admitted her words. He said, “Mam, excuse me. But when ever I got a chance to come at your home, I use to get excited. I was then able to see you in your night gown. You looked extremely sexy in that nighty. Also I remember once I got a glimpse of your breast when you were putting some files in my bag. I could not sleep that night unless I had a jack off thinking of you.” I was astonished to hear those words. Now I could recollect the reason Kiran would get excited to come at our home. He always found reasons to come home. But now all the truth was coming out. Ritu said, “But now that I am complete nude in front of you, why are you so shy to come near me and touch me ?” Kiran said ,”Mam you are a very respected woman for me then how can I … “ “Oh kiran don’t worry. Your boss won’t know about this. And that you have admitted everything now then come on and bring your fantasy to reality now.” Saying this Ritu pulled Kiran towards her naked body.

Oh no. Now she was lying on the ground and all these three hungry studs were eating, licking, pressing her. They all were complete nude by now. It was as if I am watching nudist beach. Now they took her into the water. All four of them were inside the water now. Ritu was playing with their cocks and they were playing with her breast, her ass, and every possible part of her body. They were taking complete liberty to touch her where ever they feel. Now they brought her on the sand. She was made to lie on the beach in water below her. I was afraid now. Because I knew what was next. But I wondered if Ritu was prepared for all that now. Or else she can immediately withdraw at any time if she feels uncomfortable.
They came out of water and now she was lying with pleasure on the sands. Manoj came near her. Slowly he moved her fingers all over naked body. Her body was shinning in the sunlight. Her eyes were closed. Both Sanjay and Kiran were standing next to her sleeping body. Manoj was moving his fingers and his lips on her neck, her breast, stomach and down between her thighs. Ritu gave a big moan when he touched her pussy lips with his own lips.
Just then Sanjay asked Manoj to stand up. He whispered something in Manoj’s ears. I did not understand why sanjay asked manoj to withdraw suddenly.

Oh no. Before I could shout and tell Ritu to get up. They both started to pee on her naked body. Ritu was confused too. She opened her eyes to see those three cocks pouring salty water on her face and on her body. Oh no. My wife was made to bath in their pee. This was something most unexpected to both of us. We never thought of this ever. But there was no time for her to get up. They were completely emptying their bladder on her. Her complete body from head to toe was drenched in their water. And then Manoj inserted his wet cock in Ritu’s mouth. “Yes mam we wanted you to be wet in our pee. You always ruled us in your office. But here we will rule you and you husband. You will have to take all of our cock in your mouth and suck them till end.” I knew Ritu did suck my cock also. But she never sucked a wet urine cock of mine ever. She always asked me to clean my cock before going to bed. But now here she was forced to their wet cock. And now she could not come back. She was sucking his cock hardly. She took chances to give small bite on his cock like she use to give me.

But then Manoj gave a hard slap on her face and said, “You slut. I told to suck my cock and not to bite.” She was made in a doggy style and Sanjay was holding her ass now. Oh no. Now the ultimate happening. I was ready to interrupt all of them. I could not see them penetrating her. So I rushed on the beach towards them to stop them. But when I went near to them, Sanjay said, “ Sir, just be there where you are. We are not hurting your wife. We are just satisfying our thirst. But if you interrupt us, then we will be forced to rape her.” I saw in Ritu’s eyes. But she only managed to say, “Darling it was you who had this idea, so now just wait and watch your wife being ****ed, sucked by your own staff peoples.” I was very stunt to see all this happening. But then Manoj came near to me and said, “Sir instead of sitting here and watching your wife being ****ed, why don’t you join us ? Let us have fun together.” I was almost hypnotized and doing what ever they were asking me to do.

Ritu was made to lie on her back. Manoj took the charge and was on her top. He tooks his tool and showed in front of her face and said, “Mam have you seen this size before? See how thick it is. And now I am going to tear your lovely pussy and enter inside you.” This was going very cheap. And Ritu gave a nice slap on his face. “Manoj. Are you mad. Don’t you forget that I am your boss’s wife. Don’t you enter me or else we will fire you from your job.” Manoj said, “Mam who cares for the job against this beautiful chance. You are such a beauty to be ****ed that I can sacrifice ten jobs on you.” Saying this he asked Sanjay, “Hold our madam’s hands upwards tightly. She is now going to get a nice **** from me.” Ritu tried to stop him raising her legs. Manoj turned towards me and said, “Sir do you mind holding your wife’s legs tightly so that I can show you how to satisfy a woman? “ I, as directed, pulled her legs down and was holding tightly. Kiran was holding her one leg and me the other. And then Manoj got on top of her. Ritu shouted at me saying, “Dam it. How can you do that to me. How can you see your wife being ****ed by other person? We decided only to flirt and not for complete penetration. ““You are right darling. But now I can’t stop them. Just enjoy the fun as you also were interested in having those gaint cocks inside you.” Said I. And then Manoj with a loud moan made his first entry inside Ritu’s pussy. Ritu also gave a loud moan. And started the series of ****ing my wife one by one. It was as if we had hired a whore for that day. Kiran our office boy also did not skip his chance to enter her. He was not able to look in her eyes but was good enough to bring her to orgasm. We all were inside water for almost 4 – 5 hrs ****ing Ritu alternately. Almost all positions and variety were practiced on her. What ever came to anybody’s mind was brought to reality.

Ritu never allowed me to enter through rear. Once when tried she cried out of pain. So then onwards we stopped trying through rear. But then today, Sanjay expressed his willingness to enter Ritu from all possible holes. Ritu pleaded him not to enter through rear. But Sanjay and Manoj assured her that there will be no pain. He brought some lubricant from his bag and applied over his dick. It made his dick lubricated and also shinning. Now he applied that lubricant on Ritu’s ass. She was almost crying now imaging what was going to happen. She was made in doggy style and Manoj was holding her ass tightly. Sanjay brought his dick near to her ass and started to apply slow but firm pressure on her ass hole. She was giving louder and louder moans now. I tried to interrupt them but Kiran hold me back saying, “Sir let them enjoy. Even our madam will start enjoying slowly. And as you tell us, there is no gain without pain. So let them do that.” I was watching Ritu’s face which was complete red because of pain. Her eyes were weeping. I went near to her and asked, “Do you want to stop all this now” In reply she said, “Shut up you ****er. They are tearing me apart and you are asking me, “Does that hurt you ?” Watch your wife die out of this pain now.” I just came back to my position and was watching Sanjay, who had now completely entered her from back, and now was stroking her. Slowly Ritu was also enjoying that pleasure (pain) with him.

Now Sanjay said to Manoj, “Manoj, while I am entering her from back, you try to enter her from front. Let us give our madam the life time memorable **** today.” Manoj immediately slept below Ritu and entered her from front. They both were now ****ing her simultaneously. She was enjoying the rhythm now. She was saying dirty words now, “ Come on you ****er. **** me out to death now. Your boss is a pimp who has brought his wife as a gift to you. So enjoy yourself and satisfy your thirst.” I felt ashamed now but still could now stop them all. She called Kiran and said, “Why are you standing apart? My mouth is still empty. Don’t you like blowjobs? Bring your dick to my mouth and let me give you a good blowjob.” Now all the three studs were entering her from all possible holes of her. And I was standing there stroking my dick. Till now I mighty have finished my self at least 6 – 8 times. I think that was the highest of my life time stroke rate.

After about 30 mins. They all were finished. Ritu’s face was completely filled with Kiran’s juice. Manoj and Sanjay had also finished and were lying almost dead near Ritu. I can’t imagine Ritu’s condition. For the first time she had all her three holes filled. But now she was crying. But her faced looked complete satisfied today. We all were lying naked, but satisfied on that beach.
I was feeling a big shame inside me, when Ritu came near to me. I could not match her eyes. But for all this she just looked towards me and said, “Thanks darling. You are the most lovable husband on earth. I love you more now. You have given your wife the most enjoyable moments of her life.” I was back to normal listening her words.
On the last day when we were coming back, all the three boys thanked me and said, “Sir, we will never tell this to anybody. You can fire us if you want but from now on we have more respect for you.”
I did not say a word then. But I am still to decide what to do.