Wife and office Staff-1


Hi friends, here I am again to tell you one of our exclusive experiences. As you know about us, but for the first timers, I will introduce in short. We are a happily married couple, from India. We have been married since 5 yrs now and have enjoyed almost each and every day of our life together. But as you all know every good thing has its own period. If you like a certain dish to eat, you can’t take that daily. One day you get tired and try it in some other way if cannot be changed. Same was our condition. Though we loved each other very much, we started to try some variety in our daily sex life.
We tried lot of variety in sex like, sex on floors, in kitchen, drawing room, etc., but slowly all this started to be a routine. Then I came across few stories in this site about wife sharing. Though it was new, but living in a metropolitan city in India, it was not hard to believe. I started to like more and more stories about wife sharing to read. Then I started to imagine my own wife being shared with some one else. Maybe with known or unknown person. The feeling of her in somebody else arm made me excited. This feeling was very new to me but very charming. I slowly started to narrate my feelings to my wife, Ritu. As expected she immediately withdrew from the idea and also instructed me not think of this again. But I was not able to remove the thought from my mind. It is not that I don’t love my wife. I do love my wife the most than anybody on earth. But this feeling was not ready to leave me. At least I wanted to see her being touched by somebody or doing flirt with somebody. Then I slowly started to ask her wear sexy outfits through which she could reveal to some extent. She liked to wear those kinds of clothes. And then the long awaited day of my life came.

We have our own business in Mumbai. I and Ritu manage our business. We have four staff members. Two engineers, Manoj and Sanjay. One office boy, Kiran. And one office assistant Preeti.
It was summer and we had our annual picnic to go. Ritu is very friendly with office staff. She is always close to them. We planned for a one night stay picnic and decided for an isolated beach.
We hired a open wagon which can accommodate all of us and also our luggage. It was Saturday morning that we started our journey. Ritu was wearing a half white shirt with her lovely blue jeans. She looks more young and sporty in jeans and shirt. Also she knows that I like her very much in that combination. I was driving the car and she was next to me. Manoj and Sanjay were in middle seat and Kiran at the back seat. Preeti could not come to the picnic for her personal reason.

We were enjoying our journey with songs and jokes. Few of the jokes were getting naughty but since we were on picnic I didn’t mind. We reached the beach at around 11 am. The cottage which was hired was fantastic. It had a private entrance to the beach. The water was clean and also the shore. The care taker took our luggage in the room. We had two separate rooms in the cottage. Soon we had our lunch and headed towards the sea.
We all were on the shore when Sanjay, Manoj and Kiran removed their shirts. I saw Ritu looking at their bare chest. Sanjay had better physic than Manoj and Kiran. But still they all had strong chest and arms. They came near to us and said, “Sir, we hope you both don’t mind if we remove our trousers and go inside the water in our briefs.” I said no problem please go ahead and enjoy your self. They looked at Ritu for confirmation. She also nodded in favor and let them go. Then they removed their pants were now only in their micro briefs. Ritu was not able to remove her eyes from their abdomen. They had a small erection, which could be easily seen. They went running inside the water and were now enjoying. I asked Ritu, “Why were you staring at Sanjay?” She just said nothing. But I knew what she was looking at. Then I asked her to change and come inside water to enjoy. She said, “I need to go inside the cottage to change clothes. I will soon come back. Till then you join them and enjoy yourself.”
After some time, when we were enjoying in water, I saw Sanjay suddenly watching at the shore in shock. I wondered and also turned towards the shore to see what happened. I noticed that it was Ritu who gave him a shock. Ritu had returned from the cottage in a beach suit with a long piece of cloth wrapped around her waist, which hardly covered her long sexy legs in that wind. She was looking extremely sexy in that dress. As she entered the water, the cloth came up to her waist leaving her legs bare open. She came near to me and asked, “How do I look now?” That was a big surprise to me. I gave an approval comment to her. Her suit was very tight on her boobs and now because of water one could easily see her nipples through that material. She had kept her hairs open and was now with bare feet. She asked us if she can join the fun in water with us. Now Sanjay and Manoj were more excited to have fun in water.
Since it was an isolated beach, there were no other public than ours. We had a good privacy here. So I did not mind. Slowly Sanjay and Manoj started taking chances to come near to Ritu and try to touch her. We were playing ball game in water. Occasionally I saw Sanjay taking chances to touch Ritu from her back and sometimes on her boobs. At one time he also jumped on her taking her below inside the water, pretending to grab the ball. He took almost 10 seconds to come back out of water. That made me think what took Sanjay so much time to come out of water.

Then after sometime we came out of water and were lying on the shore as we were all tired. Ritu was next to me. I asked her what happened inside the water. She replied, “Sanjay caught me and was holding me inside the water. He was moving his hands on my boobs and on my butt. He was trying to reach inside my suit but I opposed him. So he came up.” I asked her,” Are you comfortable or you wanted to leave now?” She said its ok.
As we were lying on the beach near to each other, all of us men were in our briefs and water made the briefs give its complete shape of each ones dick. Ritu was watching those very carefully. She said look at Sanjay’s underwear. His dick is still in its full erection. He is still feeling me below his body. I asked her do you also want him over you? She just gave me a naughty smile and asked, “If you really want to see me with somebody else, then this is the time or else never again bring up that topic.” I was stunt to hear that. But I knew it was now or never situation. I told her, “Just take it till you are comfortable or else back out.” She said, “Don’t worry darling everything will be fine. You just keep far and enjoy watching us. OK?”

I said to my self that its time for your fantasy to come true. She only needs a small encouragement. But I too did not want to miss that opportunity to see them. So I said to all, ‘Ok folks I will take some rest inside the cottage. Those who want to sit here can continue or else come inside the cottage.” I knew no one was going to follow me leaving this beauty here alone. So I alone headed towards the cottage. Then after some time I came back from the back side of the cottage so that no one was able to see me and hide my self in side the woods. I was able to see my wife, Ritu still lying on the beach next to Sanjay, Manoj and Kiran and talking.

I knew they were not able to make a step towards her since she was wife of their boss. But then it was Sanjay who dared the first step. He slowly put his bare feet on Ritu’s leg. As I knew, Ritu did not gave any negative response to him. So he got some courage and slowly brought his leg towards her thighs. He slid himself near to her. She was lying there on the beach like a mermaid. The cloth had left her bare legs all open. Her long sexy legs ended in her suit near her pelvic. I knew she must have completely shaved for today’s eve. I could see Sanjay’s dick jumping inside his underwear now. He slowly took Ritu’s hand and put on his dick. Her eyes were closed and now she was pressing his dick from his brief. He was moaning with pleasure. Now slowly Ritu inserted her hand inside his brief to touch his manhood physically. I saw Ritu was beating heavily now. Her heart beats were at there peak as this was the first time that she was touching somebody else’s dick in physical. But I know she was surely enjoying. Sanjay removed his brief and was now completely nude. He took Ritu face and put a kiss on her lips. At first Ritu hesitated to respond but then the smell of some other person excited her. She slowly stated to respond him. Their tongue met each other and now there was nothing that could stop them. Sanjay was on top of her and hugging her like anything. Manoj and Kiran came near to them and were watching them both with wide eyes open. From behind the trees I could make out that both Manoj and Kiran had a tough time to wait and watch. I could see Sanjay with his bare ass on top of Ritu, who was still in her complete clothes. Now a fear ran within me. How can I imagine Ritu being complete nude below all of them? My mind started to protest against this evidence but still I was not able to leave my position and disturb them.

Now Sanjay was sitting on top of Ritu and he was holding his dick in front of ritu’s face. Sanjay said, “Madam, we were so much waiting to be near to you. We all had so much crush on you. And now the time has come to bring all our fantasy to reality. Please take my manhood in your mouth and make me satisfied.” Oh no. I could not imagine Ritu taking Sanjay’s dick in her mouth. As at first she never liked my dick to take in her mouth. Even I had to make lot of efforts convincing her to take it in her mouth. And now she had to take his dick in her mouth. But to my surprise, she lovingly took entire dick of Sanjay in her mouth. She was stroking his dick inside her mouth like a professional slut. Sanjay was moaning with pleasure. He now started to scream in pleasure just then he was about to shoot Ritu took his dick out of her mouth and let the stream of cum go along her neck and on the sand. Sanjay fell aside with full satisfaction.
Now Manoj and Kiran were standing there with their underwear still on them but could hardly cover their erection. It seemed as if their dick will tear their brief and come out. Ritu pulled their both’s briefs down to their feet leaving their cock free to air. Manoj said, “ Mam, can we have the pleasure to see you without this bathing suit?” Now I knew Ritu will back off giving some reason. I knew she would never go nude in front of anybody else. She got up and stood in front of them. Now I knew Ritu is going to slap them and make their face red.
She was standing in front of them with her swim suit and the scarf on her waist, which was showing her bare legs, her thighs and her cleavage clearly. Ritu very well knew I won’t leave this chance to see her go naked in front of these horny guys. But this was the first time for her to go nude in open air and that too in front of our own staff.The thought of my own staff seeing their madam naked made me serious. I started thinking weather all this what was going was correct or wrong? If these three guys start taking liberties in our daily life also? And when I am not around in office, will they make Ritu do what they want to ? But the time to think had already run out of my hands now. But I knew Ritu was completely prepared for this. We could easily remove from their jobs if they start creating nuisance in our private life.

Ritu just gave look behind her. I think she was giving me a last warning. If I had any problem with her going nude in front of them, I should come out of the wood and change the situation. She waited for few moments, may be to take my approval. But I was not able to come out of the woods. The feeling of her removing her suit in front of my staff made my penis erect at its full strength. It was rock hard. And then the moment came for which all of us were waiting.
She let the scarf fall on the sand and then pulled her hands behind her neck where there was a single pin hook of the swim suit. I knew once the hook is unhooked she is going to be complete nude. But I hold my breath and I am sure all those three studs were also now holding their breath. And at last the moment arrived. She unhooked her suit and there it went rolling down to her feet leaving her complete naked on the beach in front of those three studs. She was standing there on the beach sand and all those three studs were admiring her beauty. Their eyes were wide open. Till now they had only seen her in beautiful dresses, Sari, sometimes in sexy out fits. And may be they have imagined her naked in their dreams. Also they might have jacked off in private after seeing her. But today, their entire dream had come to reality. They were seeing her from all direction. And Ritu was moving round showing her complete naked body to them. Her hands were on her head holding her open hairs. Her arm pits were clean shaven same as her rosy pussy. I my self had shaven her private parts a day before the picnic.
Manoj took the first step to touch her beautiful erect breast. He was now caressing her breast with his hands and holding them with utmost care. He slowly took his mouth towards one of her breast and then took one of those red nipple in his mouth.